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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Starting Over

Well I'm starting this blog over. Tabula Rasa. It also coincides with my deactivation of my nine year long facebook account. I finally got fed up for numerous reasons.

This also coincides with the deactivation of most of my cable television channels, and my refusal to watch cable news channels since election night. A savvy saleswoman bribed me to keep a dozen channels at a significant discount, which included Turner Classic Movies, SciFi, National Geographic, Discovery, and The History Channel, so it was hard to resist. Nonetheless, I still have to scour through all the hundreds of useless channels now to find them.

So I will use this blog primarily as social and political events commentary project, I predict, but from the position of one who 1) does not watch mainstream media cable channel news stations, and 2) is not a facebook member (and subject to false or crappy news sites). Instead, I will use news sources I carefully select from the internet. I had expected more of a news-sieving service from Google or Gmail, but they don't have much of one, just a variety of questionable news subject groups. However, Flipboard is highly specific and looks promising, but it only operates on my android phone. I have also switched from Yahoo to Gmail during this technological transition period, so at least I will not be weighted down by Yahoo's poor news apparatus.

Although I was subscribed to many proactive and progressive causes using my Yahoo email account, the only news service provider per se I have transferred over to Gmail so far is Patheos, which bills itself as "Hosting the Conversation on Faith." You can specify from a wide variety of options what kind of news you want in your inbox. What I'd like to find is something like Flipboard for my desk top, and the search continue.

I will probably tinker in the following days with the layout and design of this blog, as well as provide a follow up as to the specific reasons I quit facebook, as well as a summation of my latest reflections on the results of the election and what we do now, as best I can surmise. Carry on human beings!